PL SERIES | PERSON LIFTER (PL-500, PL-650, PL-800, PL-950)

PL SERIES | PERSON LIFTER (PL-500, PL-650, PL-800, PL-950)
Your Solution for Overhead Installations and Repairs!
Comes as Mains Powered (AC) or Battery Powered (DC) unit.
A. Hydraulic lift-based system with dual chains for safety.
B. Made with heavy duty, heat treated aluminum alloy - compact and stable.
C. User Friendly Ground Controller:
  1. LED Leg Interlocking Indicator - unit cannot be operated unless legs are correctly locked in position.
  2. Level Indicators - assists operator to ensure machine is level before operation.
  3. Key Operated Power switch - avoids unauthorized use.
  4. Manual Override - able to lower the platform in case of power failure.
  5. Emergency Stop Button.
  6. Low Battery Indicator (DC model).
D. Platform Controller:
  1. Up/Down and Emergency Stop.
  2. Power Outlet on platform - for convenient operation of power tools.
  3. Platform Cage Interlock - for safety, unit will not operate unless the cage door is in correct position.

E. Forklift access point - for easy transportation.
F. Optional DC system - with battery.
G. Compact Design - to fit in elevators where possible.



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