Condensate boiler pumps

  • kitchen.jpg
    kitchenPART NO. FP 2948 Description Designed to take the heat! Extra quick & easy to fit, the Kitchen all-in-one boiler pump is designed to be fitted beneath domestic gas boile...

  • compact_boiler_pump_datasheet.jpg
    compactPART NO. FP 2944Description The compact boiler pump uses piston technology and has an impressive head and flow. Ideal for domestic gas boilers and furnaces.

  • alarm_boiler_pump_datasheet.jpg
    alarm PART NO. FP 2950Description The next step up, our Alarm boiler pump uses centrifugal technology and comes with a built in audible alarm for extra piece of mind

  • hi-capacity_boiler_pump_datasheet.jpg
    hi-capacityPART NO. FP 2952Description This high efficiency boiler pump offers unsurpassed performance and is ideal for commercial boiler applications.
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